Taking over: the women of California wine country

Taking over: The women of California wine country

Pamela Powell | Fete Lifestyle Magazine | June 2021

Zipping over the Mayacamas Mountain Range to Sonoma, brought us to a not-yet-opened winery, Harrow Cellars, created by Angelina Mondavi. Mondavi, a recognizable name in the wine industry, takes her family legacy and adds to it with her own vineyard. Sitting with her among her Zinfandel vines, Mondavi regaled us with tales of her family, her endeavors, and, with excitement, her plans for Harrow Cellars. Peter Mondavi, Angelina’s grandfather and mentor, would be filled with pride at the promise of velvety rich Zinfandel to be served in the coming year.owning their own restaurants, these beloved Top Chef contestants have establishments up and running for fans to come and enjoy the dishes they fell in love with