Nicole Murray

General Manager and Sommelier


Starting her hospitality career over a decade ago, Nicole Murray has worked her way across the United States as a multi-talented restaurant employee, moving from busser to bartender to leading a sommelier team in one of Atlanta’s toniest restaurants, to opening Folktable in Sonoma alongside Chef Casey Thompson.


Murray found her culinary path early on when she attended Johnson & Wales University and interned with Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. It was there where she fell in love with hospitality and decided to make a career out of it. Mentored by “The Mouse,” Murray embraced the Disney philosophy of bringing the fairytale to life via flawless hospitality. As a young gun in Providence, Rhode Island, Nicole was part of the opening team of the city’s Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, which not only sparked a passion for wine but for the art of service – a performative skill that Murray perfected upon her move to Charleston, South Carolina, where the southern charm she encountered during her tenure at Charleston Place left an indelible mark.


Murray pursued a more serious wine curriculum in Charleston, before accepting an opportunity in Atlanta to open ATLAS, a restaurant in The St. Regis. There, Murray developed a world class wine list that highlighted her proclivity for history and Old World producers. Eventually, Murray started Vine Vault, a personal concierge service and wine storage facility that combined her love of Old World wine collecting and New World hospitality. Her success led Murray to expand Vine Vault to Austin, Texas where she became better acquainted with Napa Cabernet per the demand of her clientele.


Working closely with California wines, it grew obvious that Napa and Sonoma were the epicenter where food, wine and hospitality intersect. Taking the leap, she moved to Napa Valley to work with the largest Napa wine list in the world as the beverage director at the iconic restaurant, PRESS.


At Folktable, Murray combines her keen hospitality instincts with her flair for creating unforgettable dining experiences and will soon share her inimitable wine knowledge as Folktable’s sommelier.